Vision & Mission
To be the reputable leaderin construction industry of ASEAN
To provide clients with quality services bycompetent management safety and environment
To create sustainable and stable growth
  1. Provide bore piling and Diaphragm wall service as well as construction work with fair rewards both nationally and internationally.
  2. Become a business partner with real estate entrepreneurs and major contractors.
  3. Manage the project by holding on to effective cost management principle by considering environmental and safety condition, delivering quality work on time.
  4. Search for new market in AEC.
  5. Develop technology and knowledge to be up-to-date and competitive and not emphasize on price competition.
  6. Improve human resources capacity and management structure to increase competitiveness.
  7. Prepare machinery to meet various demands and for working effectiveness.
  8. To introduce modern computer system in the management to ensure rapid and timely report.