SEAFCO Business
SEAFCO Business
Ancillary Service

SEAFCO with highly trained and experienced staff provides valued services to the Client.

Sonic Integrity Test

In addition to pile length estimation, sonic integrity test can detect different kinds of flaws, such as discontinuities, poor concrete quality, pile sectional changes, etc.

Drilling Monitoring

Drilling monitoring enables specialists to confirm the vertical accuracy, dimensions and the state of the wall face of drill shaft or excavated trench on easy-to-read recording paper.

Pile Load Test

Pile load test is crucial for confirming the calculated safe load capacities. The test can be conducted in advance to the contract piling, but it is usually carried out on working piles to confirm the design and construction adequacy. With complied records of the best results analyzed and logged over the years, SEAFCO has vast knowledge in pile performance in various types of soil.

Inclinometer monitoring

Inclinometer monitoring enable specialists to confirm the design parameters, construction sequence and performance of retaining walls for deep excavation and of soil slopes