SEAFCO Business
SEAFCO Business
Bored Piling
SEAFCO has been a leading deep foundation specialist in Thailand since 1974. SEAFCO constructs both small bored piles with diameters of between 350 and 600mm and large bored piles with diameter up to 2000mm. Small diameter piles have the capacity to carry the load up to 150tons. Large diameter piles can carry the load up to 2000 tons. SEAFCO'S bored piles constructed under polymer based slurry provide higher skin friction than those constructed under bentonite slurry. SEAFCO also provide pile toe grouting as per design requirements.
  • Small Diameter Bored Pile.
  • Large Diameter Bored Pile.
  • Auger drilling for bored piles.
  • Drilling with bucket under slurries.