Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance
Chapter 4 Information Disclosure and Transparency

The Board of Directors shall disclose the Company's financial information and other information on the Company's business and operation performance which shall be true, complete, sufficient, and timely to show the Company's true financial and enterprising status including the future of the Company's business.

The Board of Directors is committed to take care and control for compliance with the laws, rules and regulations on information disclosure and transparency as follows:

  1. Shall disseminate the information as per specified via the SET channel, form 56-1 and The annual report (form 56-2) as well as via the Company's website both in Thai and English.
  2. Shall report the result of the corporate governance policy via the form 56-1 and the annual report (form 56-2)
  3. To comply with the SET's announcement on the approach, condition and reporting of the disclosure of the financial statuses and operation performances, the Company has set to disclose via the form 56-1 e.g. (1) general information (2) risk factors (3) nature of business operation (4) individual product lines enterprising (5) the assets used for enterprising (6) legal conflicts (7) capital structure (8) management (9) internal control (10) related transaction (11) financial status and operation performance and (12) the other information relevant.
  4. Shall provide a statement of its responsibilities concerning the company's financial reports.
  5. Shall disclose the names of members and roles of the Board of Directors and sub-committees, the number of meetings and the attendance of each director during the year.
  6. Shall disclose all the remuneration paid of each director including the fees for being the subsidiary directors and other positions such as advisors tec. Also, the remuneration of the first 4 executives stating from the president shall be disclosed in the annual report (form 56-2) and form 56-1
  7. Disclosure & the Disclosing Authority
    • 7.1 The information disclosure as required by SET's rule
      • 7.1.1 The Company has the investor relation section to contact with outsiders such as shareholders, institutional investors, individual investors, analysts, related government agencies as follows:
        • (1) To disclose the substantial information to public.
        • (2) To widely disseminate information to public.
        • (3) To clarify against rumors/to news.
        • (4) To act when security exchange is unusual.
        • (5) To exchange security with insider trading on validly, sufficiently, timely, transparently, equitably and fairly.
          The Company authorizes the following persons for the information disclosure - the president.
      • 7.1.2 The Company's contact persons for SET are
        • (1) President or the company secretary - For disclosure of the financial information which shall include annual and quarterly balance sheets, form 56-1 and annual report(form 56-2)
        • (2) President or the company secretary - For disclosure of the situational information which shall include to the acquired/ released assets, related transaction, shareholders, meeting date, director/auditor change, the Company's head office relocation, shareholders meeting minutes, investment projects etc.
    • 7.2 The general information for organizational management shall be released to mass media by the president.
  8. The directors' and executives' security holdings and security holding changes shall be reported as per the Securities and Exchange Commission Thailand's criteria.
  9. The Board of Directors and first 4 executives starting from president shall report their interests and the related persons to the chairmen and chairman of audit committee as per the Securities and Exchange Commission Act B.E.2551.
  10. The Board of Directors has lodged a risk management system having coverage to the vision, target, business strategy, finance, production and other areas for all with consideration to the occurrence probabilities and degrees of effect; has imposed the anti-measures and assigned the persons to be responsible for. Also the report and evaluation measures have been imposed together with the risks management committee has been adopted for planning and reporting the result of the actions by the plan to the Risk management committee regularly.
  11. The Board of Directors has adopted the internal control system having coverage to the financial, work operations and the applicable codes, rules and regulations compliance areas for all together with has adopted the audit and balancing mechanism being sufficiently effective to regularly protect and take care of the shareholders' investment and the Company assets. The practices instruction shall be in writing and supported with independent internal audit unit directly reporting to the audit committee and auditing all sections' practices are as per the instructions.