Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance
Chapter 3 Role of Stakeholders

The Board of Directors has the policy to promote the cooperation between the Company and stakeholders having strengthened the company's performance including taking care of stakeholder base on the rights of related laws.

The Company's stakeholders are clients, employees, suppliers, shareholders/investors, creditors, competitors and the community the Company operates in, either a public/government sector.

  1. The Company has developed a Code of conduct handbook and imposed for all directors, executives and staff to acknowledge and observe. Offences to the manual's provisions shall be penalized.
  2. The Company has the policy to upgrade to quality of life in workplace for all the employees to have better livings and work safeties there.
  3. The Board of Directors has adopted the mechanism to protect the rights of the complainant in the committed legal offences, balance sheet validity, defected internal control system of ethics offences which can be via the President directly.
  4. The Company shall compensate the stakeholders who are damaged by the Company's infringement to their stakeholder rights as per the law and per specified in the Code of Conduct handbook.
  5. The Board of Directors has announced the directors, executives and staff who know the inside information which may have effects to the changes of the security prices shall refrain from security exchange in the 1 month period prior the Company announces the operation performance/disclose the inside information to public and after the news report and the financial statements for at least three days.