Company Background
Seafco has registered the changed of par value from 1.00 baht per share to 0.50 baht per share
Seafco changed the par value from Baht 100 to Baht 1 and raised Baht 90 million form the existing shareholders at the price of Baht 1.00 per share, increasing the paid up capital to Baht 210million. Seafco became a public company on March 18, 2004. and listed in www.settrade.com on September 3, 2004
Seafco increased its capital to 120 million Baht, and changed a par value from Baht 1,000 to Baht 100.
Seafco made an agreement with Soletanche Enterprice, a well known French company to construct diaphragm walls in that Seafco would get the projects in which Soletanche would under take the diaphragm wall work. Soletanche and Seafco later separated in getting the projects on their own.
Seafco sold its investment in Balfour Beaty Thai to Stent Foundations, but purchased the remaining equipment and transferred employees form the joint venture company to Seafco
Joined with Stent Foundation Company Limited, a well known company from UK and set up a joint venture company called "Stent Seafco", specialization in construction of large diameter bored piles, with a registered capital of 3 million Baht. Stent Seafco later changed its name to Balfour Beaty Thai.
It was incorporated on December 19, 1974, with a registered capital of 3 million baht (paid up capital of Baht 1.5million) with a par value of Baht 1,000. The company focused on construction of small diameter bored piles.