Dr. Narong Thasnanipan

President and Chief Executive Offiffiicer

On working over in the past year, the company was committed to place the importance on the business operations in the form of a sustainable development by managing the work to comprehensively cover all three dimensions: namely; Social Dimension, Environmental Dimension and Economic Dimension under the Principle of Good Corporate Governance all along with establishing good relationships with stakeholders that the company has adhered to as the Principle in carrying out the sustainably growing business.

The company oversaw and promoted the Social Dimension within the organization in the form of the management under the Sufficiency Economy model of His Majesty King Rama IX which is the “Sufficiency” for the society within the organization to get to know about the savings and strengthening psychic ability, power of mind by adopting the Principle of the Precepts and Meditation for practices in the organization to enable employees and executives to develop the intelligence in Dharma (Buddha’s Teachings) along with the worldly wisdom and the Meditation Course of the Willpower Institute Foundation founded by His Venerable Somdej Phra Yana Wachirodom Luang Pho Wiriyang Sirintharo, on which I am a standing member to open for teaching in the company to enable the executives, employees and people in the surrounding communities to attend for a full 6-month of meditation training under the “Meditation Teacher” course which is designed for 2 Classes a year which, up to nowadays, it has been going on for a period of more than 8 years. At present, the course has been extended to continuously enhance intelligence of the Meditation Teacher completing the course to be able to practice a short meditation (Vidhisa Samadhi) once again for 5 minutes, 3 times a day, i. e. before commencing duty in the morning, before recess for lunch and before quitting work in the evening. On this Social Dimension, the company has allowed outsiders in the surrounding communities to be able to attend the meditation training in the evening (from 1800 hours to 2030 hours) along with the company’s employees. In addition, the company has regularly organized activities in conjunction with temples, schools and government agencies around the company.

Whereon the aspect of the Environmental Dimension, the company was firmly committed to developing technology to be environmentally friendly along with the construction business of bored piles and diaphragm wall for deep excavation, the company’s main product, which, in 2019, the company had developed the construction method of bored piles without using a vibrator, thus, resulting in the disturbance from vibration to reduce by 75% which eventually enabled the company to receive the Outstanding Innovation Award from the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Moreover, the company was admitted for a registration to receive the ISO 9001 Version 2015 (Quality Management Certification) in 2020 and is currently applying for the registration of Level 3 Green Factory from Department of Industrial Works which we expect to receive this the Certification in 2021. And on the aspect of the Economic Dimension, the company took care of the interests of stakeholders of all levels with good corporate governance and in accordance with the company’s ethics and the policy to pay dividends out of the profit every quarter since 2019. Even in 2020, when the world had been faced with critical economic downturn caused by the problem of COVID-19 epidemic, the company still continued to pay the shareholders the dividends up to three quarters.

Deriving from the management firmly committed to the sustainable development as aforementioned, it had made the executives, employees of all levels to come for co-operations with one another to exert full efforts and talents to the extent of being able to overcome the severe COVID-19 crisis in 2020 and able to deliver work with the value up to approximately 2,500 million Baht, generating a profit of over 154 million Baht with the work in hand having not yet been delivered worth more than 2 billion Baht.

In 2021, due to the second round of the COVID-19 outbreak, there is a trend that the company may take jobs with profit being lesser than that in 2020, because the private sector investment has not yet fully returned. Nevertheless, we expects that the large-scale public utilities will gradually come out to support the production capacity in the market from the third quarter of this year and continue for several years. However, we look forward to expanding business to take other types of jobs to generate other incomes to compensate bored piling work from the private sector work which fell from the recession due to COVID-19.

Finally, I, on behalf of the company would like to thank employees, executives, business partners, financial institutions and all parties for your efforts and dedication in perpetually providing good supports to the company.