Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance
Chapter 2 Equitable Treatment of Shareholders

The Board of Directors has the policy to provide shareholders supervise the company and its performance by giving opportunities to protect the shareholders rights, equitable treatment and fairness.

  1. Shareholders shall have the right to propose issues to include to the shareholders meeting agenda in accordance with the rule posted in the Company’s website The issues shall be proposed within December 31, every year.
  2. Shareholders shall have the right to nominate persons for the Board of director elections in accordance with the rule posted in the Company’s website The nominations shall be proposed within December 31, every year.
  3. No additional meeting agendas/ substantial information changes shall be included or made to meetings without prior notice to shareholders.
  4. Shareholders who cannot attend meeting may appoint grantee with the power of attorney shich indicates voting. The Company shall propose at least an independent director to be the grantee' choice.
  5. Shareholders shall have the right to elect on individual director. Voting shall be with ballots to be transparent and checkable.
  6. The Company has imposed the internal information application rule to prevent the directors, executives and staff to use the internal information for their own/ other persons' interests inappropriately. The approach and policy have been noticed to all staffs to observe with the follows-up conducted regularly.
  7. The directors and executives shall disclose their interests and related person for the Board of Directors to consider the operations probably having conflicts of interest and to decide for the Company's interest in overall. The directors and executives who have any interest on the transaction relevant the company, should not concern in the decision making on such transaction and would be following the process or measure of consider approval on related transaction of the company.
  8. The Board has a policy regarding securities trading of the company and reporting method to implement by the board, executive and staff can access inside information and the board and relevant executives have to prepare and submit report of securities holding of the company in accordance with the regulation of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  9. The Board of Directors shall complete the minutes and inform to shareholders via the Company's website within 14 days since meeting.