Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance
Chapter 1 Rights of Shareholders

The Board of Directors has the policy for shareholders to collaborate and suggest for the Company's operations, we therefore provide the rights for shareholders e.g. the right to getting sufficient information, be in time with appropriate to make decision, to attend and vote in the shareholders meetings to decide the Company's major policy changes, to elect and remove member of the board, to approve external auditor appointments and to receive shard profits. Shareholders are the owners of the company. They control the Company by appointing the board of directors to act as their representatives. Shareholders are eligible to make decisions on any of significant corporate changes including to be furnished with sufficient Company's operation information for decision making. Moreover, shareholders own the rights to attend shareholders meetings to vote on director election/ removal, appoint the external auditor and the issues to have effects to the Company such as dividend allocations, amendments to the company's articles of association or the company's bylaws, capital increases of decreases, and the approval of extraordinary transactions, etc.

  1. The Company shall provide the information on the date, time, venue and agenda items with complete support data, and the issues for decision to all shareholders at least 14 days prior to the meeting. The information also shall be posted in the Company’s website both in Thai (Least 30 days) and English (Least 7 days).
  2. The Company has developed the annual shareholders meeting process to correspond with the good operations care and control principle as follows:
    • To certify the Minutes of previous Meeting.
    • To acknowledge the Company's performance for the past year.
    • To approve the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement for the accounting period end on December 31 of the past year.
    • To consider the allocation of profits from the business performance of the past year.
    • To consider the appointment of directors in place of those who retiring by rotation
    • To consider the remuneration of directors.
    • To consider the appointment of the Company's auditor and determine his/her remuneration
    • Other business, opportunity for shareholders to ask on their intention issues and/or the board give answers and/or declaration to shareholders without voting
  3. The company shall facilitate the participation of shareholders in the meeting. The meeting venue shall be in Head Office accessible and can accommodate all shareholders along with providing adequate personnel and technology for monitoring the registration documents for the meeting including the duty stamps for proxy shareholders shall be provided.
  4. The Company shall allocate appropriate time for discussion ad encourage shareholders to express their opinions and ask questions related to the Company's operation.
  5. All directors and executives shall attend shareholders' meetings and reply questions.
  6. In the Meeting of Shareholders, the company will do Live video, through Facebook to open opportunity for shareholders who cannot attend the meeting, can know the atmosphere of the meeting. This will start in the ordinary meeting of shareholders of the year 2019.