Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance
Employees' Ethics

Best practice on themselves

  • Employees shall carry out works with honesty, regularity and report the facts.
  • Employees shall respect and comply with laws and the Company's rules and regulations.
  • Employees shall carry out work with care, honesty and regularity and shall not employ their positions to acquire interest inappropriately.

Best Practice on clients, related persons and society

  • Deliver the work on time in accordance with customer’s specification
  • Employees shall comply with safety rules.
  • Accept the mistake and make a correction for the customers
  • Employees shall not disclose client’s information without client’s prior consent.
  • Employees shall participate in the Company’s activities.

Best Practice on colleagues

  • Employees shall not solicit or convince colleagues’ decisions on political right.
  • Employees shall be benevolent to colleagues and shall cooperate with colleagues appropriately.
  • Employees shall use their rights to express opinions politely and properly.

Best practice on the company

  • Employees shall carry out work with responsibility and full capability.
  • Employees shall use the Company’s assets and facilities with care.
  • Employees shall be attentive to learning for the development to progress.
  • Employees shall pursue information and news to use as reliable reference at conversation.
  • Employees shall wear protective equipment as per the Company instructs.
  • Political right. The Company operates the business with political neutrality, not participating and siding to certain political party, influential political leader and not using the company’s capital, resource to support political parties, politician directly or indirectly howsoever.