Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance
Business Ethics

The Company Board applies the sufficiency economy and sustainable business operation principles to be the Company’s business operation approach to conceive honesty, be responsible and protect the stakeholders’ interests. Opportunities are provided to stakeholders to take part in and make suggestions to the operations care and control as the mechanism and process for effective control leading to a true governance in the Company. The ethics shall be as follows:

  • To comply with the applicable laws, rules and regulation strictly.
  • To comply with the Company’s “Corporate Governance policy” and “Code of Conduct”.
  • To be committed to operate business with transparency, honesty and fairness.
  • To adhere to conduct as good people and establish good minds to employees.
  • To concern of the benefits and effects from operations with social equality and fairness to the Company’s stakeholders.
  • To operate business with responsibility and protection of the stakeholder’s and interests.
  • To organize a strong operation system to prevent corruptions with an internal audit system.
  • To require the Company’s directors, executives and staff for all to participate in the anti-corruption effort, conflicts of interest reporting, efficient contacts and working life quality promotions.
  • To provide a channel for complaints and hearing for stakeholders and have the complainers/ informants protection measure.
To be the reputable leaderin construction industry of ASEAN
To provide clients with quality services byccompetent management safety and environment