Mr. Anek Srituptim

Vice President: Accounting and Finance Department and Company Secretary and CFO

Date of appointment

Date of initial appointment is 18 March 2004


  • Master Degree of Law in Ramkhamhaeng University
  • Bachelor’s Degree of Accounting in Ramkhamhaeng University

IOD Program

  • Company Secretary Program
  • Executive Director Program Class 10

Other Program

  • Course of "CVC, new investment strategy, to have spark of innovation, keeping pace with the business world"
  • High Executive Program, Thammasat for Societry NorMorThor. Group 11
  • GRI Certified Training Course, Thaipat Institute
  • Strategic CFO in Capital Market Program Class 3 (TSI)
  • Professional CFO Class 10 (FAP)
  • Samanthi Course, Willpower Institute Class 30
  • Autamasasamathi Course, Willpower Institute Class 1 (Praprom)
  • The UK Experience on Implementing the Enhanced Auditor Reporting (Set, Sec and Fap)
  • New developments of course the Provident Fund law and taxation #4 Association of Provident Fond (AOP)
  • Development of potential to increase work efficiency
  • ISO 9001-2015 standard
  • Adjusting the organization strategy and communicate with satisfying result with Big Data, SET
  • Strategic Financial Leadership (SFLP) 2019, TLCA (continuous accounting development of 6 hours per year in accordance with the criteria of the Office of the SEC) Training in the year 2020
  • CFO Refresher Course, Class 1, on “Readiness Preparation for Coping with Economic Conditions, Strategies on Using Financial Instruments for Financing and Creating Growth”, organized by the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
  • “Liquidity Risk Management” Course, Class 7.
  • Restart the Economy after the Lockdown: Economic Outlook and Implications for Business Sector by Siam Commercial Bank PCL.
  • Digital Business Solution Summit 2020, a seminar forum on Business Administration and Marketing under the theme of The NEXT Normal of Digital Business, organized by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) and the Digital Users Association of Thailand (DUGA).
  • How does human rights relate to business?, organized by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Investments under Crisis organized by the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
  • Money Laundering Law Program for those in charge of reporting, Class 16 (Online), organized by Finlik Co., Ltd.
  • IOD Company Secretary Forum under the Topic of Virtual Board Meeting & the Evolving Role of Corporate Secretary, organized by IOD Thai Institute of Directors.

Percentage of Paid up capital

As of November 26, 2020 0.01% (His 0.01%, spouse …-….% and underage children …-….%)

Relationship between managemenT


Experiences (As of 31/12/2020)

2003 - 2011 Vice President : Administrative Departmentt , Seafco PCL
2011 - Now Vice President : Accounting and Finance Department , Seafco PCL