Dr. Narong Thasnanipan

President and Chief Executive Officer

Operation in the past year, the company was committed to focus the importance of operation business in type of sustainable development. The company managed the work by covering all three dimensions, namely: social dimension, environmental dimension and economic dimension under the principles of good Corporate Governance, along with creating good relationship with stakeholders. This was the principle hold by the company to do business with sustainable business growth.

The company tool care and promoted social dimension within the organization. The company managed work under the type of Sufficiency Economy of King Rama IX, that is “moderation”. This allowed the society within the organization to know savings and to strengthen mental power and spiritual power. The company used the principle of precept meditation to adapt in the organization, so that employees and executives developed moral wisdom together with worldly wisdom. The company used the meditation course of will Power Institute Foundation established by Somdej Phra Yanavachirodom, Reverend Father Wiriyang Sirintharo. I am a director of the foundation. I invited the father to open course of training in the company, so that executives, employees and people in the community surrounding the company to attend the six month meditation course, in the “Meditation Teacher” course, two classes per year for more than eight years. Until present time, the course is extended to enhance wisdom continuously to trainers of meditation teachers. After they finished course, they would meditate in short time of 5 minutes each time (called Vithisa Meditation) three times a day, in the morning before work, at noon before lunch ad before finishing work in the evening. Regarding Social Dimension, the company allowed people who were outsiders in nearby communities to come and attend the meditation training in the evening (18.00 – 20.30 hours) together with employees of the company. The company had activities with temples, schools and government agencies around the company constantly.

Regarding environmental dimension, the company is committed to develop technology to take care environment along with doing of business of constructing bored piles without using shaking machines. This would reduce disturbance from vibration for more than 75% and the company received Remarkable Innovation Award from Stock Exchange of Thailand. Furthermore, the company registered to have Quality Management Certificate: ISO 9001 Version 2015 in the year 2020, receiving ISO 9001:2015 on 10 March 2021. The company presently applies for registration of Green Factory, Level 3 from Department of Industrial Works. The company received a certificate on 28 June 2021 and on 10 June 2021, the company received an award from Thaipat Foundation for Rural Restoration of Thailand under Royal Patronage, “ESG 100” of the year 2021, in the third year consecutively. Regarding economic dimension, the company takes care of interest of stakeholders in all levels, using good Corporate complies with ethics of the company.

In the year 2021, the company suffered from loss for 56.64 million Baht and had total revenue: 1,434.20 million Baht. This was the first loss in the past several years, because of COVID–19 pandemic, causing the construction market condition to decrease a lot, in private sector and public sector. Projects have been postponed; therefore, construction work market has high competition.

In the year 2022, the company still has work in hand which has not been delivered for another 1,113.46 million Baht. The company expects that trend of COVID–19 pandemic will be better than last year. During first semester of 2022, the public sector held bidding of double–track railway and Purple Line electric train completely. This will make construction market to be better than last year. The company is committed to operate the work in guideline of sustainability, in order to bring the company to pass the slowdown economic situation and create business growth to be more advanced.

Finally the company would take like to thank employees, executives, trade partners, financial institutes and all parties dedicating to support the company well for all the time the rough out.