Human Resources

more than 500 employees comprising of more than 20 engineers with an average of 12 year of work experience and skilled workforce for administration and project management.


more than one dozen unit of drilling rigs for large bored pile works and several units of equipment for diaphragm wall works. A workshop for equipment for repair and maintenance.


SEAFCO invested in geotechnical and civil engineering softwares for design and analysis of foundations, excavations, retaining structures and also qualified, trained design engineers.


Deep foundation industry demands technology and experience. SEAFCO is a company that constantly pursues innovation and new technologies through ongoing research and development efforts. SEAFCO employs trained and highly qualified persons dedicated to increasing our productivity, quality and standard.

The company broadens its technical knowledge through involvement with local and international organizations in geotechnical and foundation engineering fields. All our research and development activities focus on technological advancement in design and construction, and deliver superior quality products to our clients.

The company also facilitates continuous improvement and promotes safety and environmental awareness, by safety training and using environmental friendly product such as polymer based drilling fluid in piling work and investing in wheel cleaning machines for construction vehicles in every construction site to ensure cleanness of public road.


SEAFCO offers a combination of experience, technologies and performance. We utilize our experience and understanding of the project and ground conditions with a commitment to superior performance based on quality and value to meet our client's satisfaction.